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Broadband in London is the worst in England

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 21, 2015 in News
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Despite us Londoners being glued to our phones, prepping emails on the Underground and conference calling on the go, it seems our digital credentials are stuck in the past, as it’s been revealed our broadband is the worst in the country.

According to new figures from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, only 31 percent of premises in London have access to super-fast connections. The five worst areas for super-fast broadband are all in the capital.

A whopping £1.7 billion has been invested into developing our country’s internet infrastructure in under-served areas, but here in London we’ve been left behind a tad. When all of these improvements are up and running in 2017, London and Hull will be the two losers sitting at the bottom of the broadband league table. Wondering why? Well, the government has said that it’s because it can’t directly invest in London areas where commercial competition rules prevent the state intervening. Still, it’s a bit weird (and ridiculous) to think you might get a better connection in the countryside than the city.

A few MPs have been kicking off on our behalf, claiming that it’s ludicrous and that the poor speed will inhibit the growth of local businesses.

Don’t get too panicky though because, as you’ve probably noticed, our broadband connections really don’t seem too bad. That’s because, in reality, while nearly all of London has access to broadband speeds of up to 24 megabytes per second, it’s just that there are a few odd areas in central London that aren’t as well connected.

Luckily, Virgin Media has a plan to deliver super-fast broadband to some of the worst affected east London areas, including Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Barking, so hopefully it’ll sort us out. Watch this space for more broadband updates… if you can get a decent enough connection, that is.

In other London news, did you know that the Overground, DLR and other tube lines are going 24 hour?

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