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No dice! London is in danger of being wiped off the Monopoly board

Posted at 2:30 pm, February 23, 2015 in Fun London, News


Stop what you’re doing, do not pass go and definitely don’t collect £200, because London needs your help. A poll is in progress to determine the 15 cities that’ll feature on Monopoly’s latest ‘Here & Now: World Edition’ version of the game, and London is currently languishing at number 23. It goes without saying that this is simply not on.  London may only have been the second city to feature on the Monopoly board (Atlantic City was the first), but as the official Monopoly city of all Commonwealth countries (except Canada), our connection with the game runs so deep that its exclusion from any globe-spanning edition would be a straight-up outrage. After all, what Londoner can’t relate to a game that involves crippling rent payments and sudden tax demands?

The vote – currently led by Peruvian capital Lima, of all places – closes at midnight on March 4, meaning you’ve got less than two weeks to secure London’s rightful place on the board.

Find out more at buzzfeed.com/votemonopoly.

By David Clack

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