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Poll: is London losing its way?

Posted at 6:30 pm, February 23, 2015 in News, Transport
Photo: Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

[Photo: Simon Hadleigh-Sparks]

London never stops changing. As the city’s population reaches a record high (and with no signs of slowing) there are fresh efforts to improve our transport infrastructure and deal with our housing crisis through dense new developments. But many feel that, in the process, London’s unique character has come under threat, with cherished venues and local institutions subsumed by a charmless wave of glass, steel, unaffordable apartments and could-be-anywhere chain restaurants.

But what’s the view from where you stand? Is London on the up-and-up, or losing its mojo? Are these campaigns and petitions a vital counterbalance to the moneyed interests of the developer class, or dreary NIMBYism from people who’d rather keep London as a museum? Let us know what you think below.

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