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Going the extra tile for Paolozzi’s Tottenham Court Road mosaics

Posted at 5:30 pm, February 24, 2015 in News, Transport
Station mosaics by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi - ©Louise Rogers

A lot of Soho has been destroyed to make way for the new Tottenham Court Road station: the Astoria, the Metro, that noodle place that probably gave you food poisoning once. But when it was announced that some of pop art pioneer Eduardo Paolozzi’s stunning mosaics would be destroyed in the renovations, Londoners were up in arms, and a petition to save the multicoloured masterpieces was quickly knocked up.

So we contacted Transport for London to see what the deal is. Petition-signers, rejoice (or relax) because it turns out that the people in charge have gone to huge efforts to ensure as much of Paolozzi’s art as possible is saved. Only 5 percent of the mosaics have been taken out of the station, leaving (good work, maths fans) 95 percent in place for us all to enjoy. TfL is also actively seeking homes (museums, not your flat) for the bulk of the removed bits. In a city rife with gentrification and cultural ghettoisation, that’s a little bit of artistic good news to brighten everyone’s day – and their commute.

Read more about the petition to save Eduardo Paolozzi’s mosaics.

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