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Thousands of you off-peak commuters will be getting refunds!

Posted at 12:15 pm, February 24, 2015 in News, Transport
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Have you heard the news? Boris Johnson has changed his mind about daily fare caps on the transport network and is offering thousands of commuters discounts on their travel fares. It’s true! Here’s the lowdown…

Those of you affected by the decision to cut the off-peak daily cap in outer London will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Bojo has decided to reverse the withdrawal of off-peak caps for part-time workers.

The initial withdrawal of the caps began on January 2 this year, when those who had previously enjoyed a daily cap of £8.50 off-peak were suddenly charged a new £11.70 ‘all-day’ limit. If you were just travelling between zones 1-5 the cap jumped up to £10.90, and for those of you travelling between zones 1-4 it rose to £9.20 a day.

Now that Boris has had a change of heart, off-peak fares are being reinstated, but only for a few of us travelling off-peak regularly. (Off-peak travel is any time other than 6.30am-9.30am and 4pm-7pm.)

Those of you who are currently paying a higher fare than the old off-peak daily cap twice or more a week in zones 4-6 will be provided with an automatic refund.

Here are the new off-peak daily caps:

£8 for zones 1-4

£8.80 for zones 1-5 and 1-6

If it’s all a tad confusing, don’t worry yourself because the refunds will be calculated without any paperwork or need to litter your bag with old travel receipts.

Reckon you qualify for a refund? They will be backdated to January and will start being returned in April. After that refunds will be paid out monthly.

But this seemingly good news isn’t pleasing everyone. A whopping 10,000 commuters who only use the transport network once a week will still pay the higher price.

In other transport news, did you know that the Overground, DLR and other tube lines are going 24 hour too?

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