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Five lifehacks from London startups

Posted at 10:00 am, February 25, 2015 in Food & Drink, Fun London, Technology

Neat Desk (Jeff Sheldon)

There’s something about the word ‘lifehack’ that feels kinda Californian. Maybe it’s the ‘hack’ part – the sense that apps and startups may be involved. But if that’s the case, why not look closer to home for your life-hackage? London, after all, has startups coming out of its ears. Here are a few homegrown offerings to make your daily life that little bit more efficient.

The storers: Boxman


Got a tiny apartment and more stuff than you have room for? Of course you do. You’re a Londoner, after all. So, allow us to introduce you to Boxman – ‘your virtual spare room’. They’ll deliver waterproof boxes to you within two hours of you clicking online, tag them, store them safely and securely, and then return them to you whenever you’ve made room to take your stuff back. Life-hackerage boxed and ready to go, all from £5 per month.

The cleaners: Hassle

hassle app

In the history of life-hacktion, few companies have hit the nail on the head with as much accuracy as this one. Hassle hooks you up with local cleaners for as little as £10 per hour, no job too small. Everything is paid for via the app, so there’s no need to leave cash laying around. It’s a bit like Uber, only with cleanliness and without cars (unless it’s a car you want made clean, of course).

The launderers: Laundrapp

Laundrapp phone

While Hassle is busy scrubbing your grubby corners, Laundrapp – an on-demand laundry service – can make sure your shirts are washed, dried and folded neatly before you’re home from a hard day’s toil. Much like Boxman, you can book a time for collection and return delivery that suits you, and prices start at £1.60 for a single shirt. Life never scrubbed up so good!

The ingredient deliverers: Gousto


Let’s face it, all that app-tapping makes for one tiring life-hackerthon, and at the end of a busy day you’re going to need someone to help you with your meals. Not in the mood for a takeaway, but can’t decide what to cook? Gousto delivers recipes and the relevant ingredients for loads of different dishes, helping you to beat procrastination and limited cooking skills in one fell swoop.

And one for the future: Bizzby

We’re not sure how real this is, but Bizzby – a startup we can imagine Nathan Barley finding employment with – recently launched a video claiming that drone deliveries are closer than you think. As clever as it is terrifying, the pitch seems to suggest that the skies of this fair city will be awash with miniature postal quad-copters in the very near future – each of them controlled by a simple app. Hackattack from above!

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