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Three new dating apps hotter than Tinder

Posted at 2:00 pm, February 26, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Dating
Spark dating app Station Banner

Think Tinder is still the hottest dating app? Get with the programme. New dating app Spark launches this weekend and they’ve been counting down the days on their website with some rather some nice London-centric photos to get us all in the mood for lurve. Our resident dating expert Charly Lester finds out how to send a Spark ahead of the launch on Sunday, and checks out some of the other new dating apps created for Londoners by Londoners.

Spark Countdown 5


You see someone you fancy on the tube. You wonder if they’re single. You’re too nervous to approach. Happn won’t work underground, and Tinder only lets you search to the nearest mile. What do you do? Time to send them a Spark!

Modelled on Serendipity, this new app is designed to help Londoners seize those opportunities to chat to people, which we normally do our best to avoid. The concept is simple. If you see someone you like, send them a Spark. The Spark will only deliver once you’re no longer around, and then the receiver has just 24 hours to get in contact before the Spark disappears. The great part? It works over Bluetooth, so you can use it on the tube. No more searching the paper for your Rush Hour Crush. But be careful, you only get one free Spark a day!

antidate app


An antidote to the pitfalls of online dating, Antidate (see what they did there) launched on Christmas Eve. The app is designed to tackle issues that the founders experienced with online dating, although the main thing that defines Antidate is the differing experiences it offers male and female daters. While women can see all the men’s profiles, the male view of the app is very different. Unless a female member chooses to contact a guy, he can’t see her profile. His general view of the app is a stats screen, highlighting how many women are nearby, and how many have viewed his profile.

Other key features include a time-stamped selfie, to ensure at least one photo is up to date and realistic, and message deletion after 24 hours, to encourage people to get in contact quickly, and to not dwell on conversations that don’t go anywhere.

double dating app


Marketed as ‘Tinder for double dates’, London start-up Double launched just before Valentine’s Day. The concept is simple – you pair up with a friend, and search for other duos. Designed to help avoid awkward silences on first dates, and promote safer dating, a double dating app isn’t a new concept, but unlike Grouper and Smeeters, Double is free to use. But what happens if you both fancy the same person? #Awkward.

Other new dating apps to look out for this summer include Hinge, Hitch, Bumble and Lulu. You can read more about the last two, on Charly’s new blog post about the rise of female empowerment apps.

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