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Chefs know best: where Wahaca founder Thomasina Miers eats for cheap in the city

Posted at 12:15 pm, March 4, 2015 in Food & Drink

Thomasina Miers © Tara Fisher. Photo taken from Chilli Notes published by Hodder & Stoughton
© Tara Fisher

Thomasina Miers, Founder of Wahaca

What’s your top tip for eating on the cheap in London?

‘I keep my eye on where street food is setting up because that’s always a good way to eat cheaply. Bao’s [Netil Market] does great steamed buns [£3.50]. I basically think that everyone should eat well and everyone can eat well, it’s about being canny, and not eating meat all the time.’

Where’s best for a budget lunch?

Brasserie Zédel, near Piccadilly Circus, is the most incredible value. It’s a huge French café where you can have onion soup for five quid.’

How about weekend treats?

Oporto is a Portuguese café that does amazing cheese-and-ham croissants [£2.60] and really good coffee [£1.50]. I also like to go to Queen’s Park Farmers’ Market [Salusbury School] every Sunday and pick up a sausage sandwich.’

And for guilty pleasures?

Pitt Cue Co is great. Smoked, slow-cooked meat – American barbecue food. But I don’t really feel guilty about food; I just eat everything whenever I want it.’

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