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Kentish Town’s Anima e Cuore is going back to basics

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 7, 2015 in Food & Drink
anima e cuore

Last year we gave a rave review to Anima e Cuore, a tiny restaurant in Kentish Town that served Italian food worth comparing to the best in the capital – including places where the prices are way, way higher. We’re not boasting (honest!), but it is a verifiable fact that the restaurant saw its business boom after our review came out. (At one point you could see people queuing outside just to book a table.)

Our review said that the best dishes on the menu were the specials, read out to every table by one of the ineffably charming co-owners. The result: a clamour for specials which led the restaurant to serve them at lunchtime as well as dinner, which had not been their original intention. But they’ve now found that doing labour-intensive specials at both services is just too demanding. So in March they’re reverting to their original plans: printed menu at lunch, specials at dinner only. You will not suffer: everything these guys make is great. But if you’re addicted to the specials and like to have them for lunch, get in there ASAP.

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