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Some very creepy commuters got the tube this morning

Posted at 4:15 pm, March 10, 2015 in Fun London

What colour are you wearing today? Is it black, grey, beige – sorry, ‘camel’ – or white? And what was the last colour you painted in your house? ‘White Handkerchief ‘ or ‘Timeless White’? Thought so.

According to a study by Dulux, we Brits have been shying away from bold colours since the ’90s. The flower-power prints and candy brights that once were a firm fixture in fashion, technology, architecture and interiors are slowly being replaced by an omnipresent monochrome palette.


The paint brand reckons that it’s all a bit drab, so it sent a group of ‘colourless commuters’ out into London to show us the boring future we’ve got ahead of us. (Although, to be honest, we reckon it looks pretty cool. #brainwashed.) The group wore all-white outfits and tights over their heads as they flagged down buses and rode the tube this morning. It was all very Kanye West X Adidas X Doctor Who.


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