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Get excited for the London mini pig pop-up with these GIFs

Posted at 1:00 pm, March 11, 2015 in Animals

Thanks to this this little guy’s passion for crisps, mini pigs are the most popular animals on the internet right now. So, it’s no surprise that London will soon be getting its very own mini pig pop-up (cats are so 2014).


The London Pignic is taking place at the Proud Archivist in May. There’ll be a picnic – hopefully no ham sandwiches, that could get a bit awks – as well as a pig-themed cocktail masterclass and a pig film screening. Surely, it has to be ‘Babe 2: Pig In The City’? Plus, there’s going to be a new litter of piglets for visitors to play with! They’re due to be born later this month.

pigs 1

Organised by Yelp and Petpiggies, the event hopes to educate us all about how big micro pigs can actually get (answer: bigger than you think). It will also raise money for an animal welfare charity. The event will run on May 14, 21, 22, 23 and 25. Tickets aren’t free but they will be ‘reasonably’ priced. You can RSVP for one of the very limited spots over on Yelp.


Since May seems very far away, we tracked down the Petpiggies YouTube channel and turned some of their super-cute videos into GIFs for your pleasure. Squeal!


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 All GIFs: Petpiggies YouTube

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