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Challenge your workmates to this pre-pub quiz

Posted at 3:45 pm, March 13, 2015 in Music & Nightlife

Stop working and get in the YOLO spirit, guys, because it’s Friday afternoon and you know that email marked ‘urgent’ can wait till Monday. Over the next few weeks we’re running a series of pre-pub quizzes to get you and your workmates hyped for the freakin’ weekend. 

We’ve asked the organisers of some of our favourite pub quizzes in London for five of their hardest questions. Work out the answers with your desk-mates and tweet your team’s answers to @timeoutlondon with #prepubquiz. If enough of you get involved we might even set up a weekly score chart. First up is quizmaster Madeleine Paterson who runs The Boogaloo’s ‘Who Killed Bambi?’ quiz. NO PHONES. NO GOOGLING. NO CHEATING.

1. Who had a one hit wonder with the song Kung Fu Fighting?

2. Which ‘puppet’ attacked Michael Parkinson on his chat show?

3. In the James Bond series, what does the character ‘Q’s name stand for?

4. Name the band from these three members… Glen Danzig, Dez Cadena & Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein?

5. What is the first name of the composer Vivaldi?

Liked these? The Boogaloo pub quiz runs on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Find out more.

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