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London architects have designed a pair of shadowless skyscrapers

Posted at 1:30 pm, March 17, 2015 in News

Greenwich No Shade Towers

Ingenious London architects have designed a new skyscraper for a site in Greenwich that doesn’t cast a single shadow.

But this isn’t witchcraft, just really damn clever design. To minimise the effect of the vertical build on nearby communities, the appropriately dubbed  ‘No Shadow’ buildings are designed so that when one building creates shade, the other acts as a gigantic mirror, reflecting the light downwards into its shadow.

The designs have been created by NBBJ, an international architectural firm, which has developed buildings for Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Londoners may remember another famous ‘reflecting’ building – the Walkie Talkie – and the time when, in true science-fiction style, it started beaming out sun-rays and melted down a sports car. We’re hoping these guys are brainy enough to make it work.

Check it out:

By Justin McDonnell

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