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Get ready for the invasion of the cannibal super-slugs

Posted at 3:00 pm, March 18, 2015 in Animals
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Photo: OZZ13X

Beware: throughout the winter the slugs have been growing. They’ve been growing in size, growing in numbers and growing in super-strength. Now, they’re ready to return more powerful than ever. London, get ready for an invasion of Spanish cannibal ‘super-slugs’. 

The creepy-crawlies are 15cm long, have a extra layer of slippery slime, and few natural predators – aside from angry gardeners wielding  Saxo table salt. Technically known as Arion vulgaris  or the Vulgar Pest Slug (no doubt named by one of those same angry gardeners, then) slug experts say they’re about to dominate the gardens of Britain.

Arion vulgaris

[NOPE. Photo: Signe Karin]

It’s all down to the winter being a mild one – and therefore the perfect cosy home for the critters, who can lay as many as 400 eggs.

‘It’s been estimated that a cubic metre of a garden in the UK could accommodate up to 200 slugs, each of which can have up to 200 offspring,’ says entomologist Dr Ian Bedford. Holy crap. And speaking of human effluvia, these miniature mucus-y monsters are also notable for their “extensive omnivorous diet, which includes excrement and dead animals.” Brilliant.

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