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Bad moon rising: solar eclipse and spring equinox parties

Posted at 4:00 pm, March 19, 2015 in Music & Nightlife

Solar eclipse © Tim Ebbs

If it suddenly gets dark a lot earlier than usual on Friday, don’t worry – the apocalypse isn’t upon us. It’s actually a solar eclipse, an event whereby the sun, moon and earth align, meaning the moon temporarily (and rudely) blocks the Earth’s view of the sun. It’s a rare occurrence and as it coincides with the date of the spring equinox, it’s also a great excuse for a night of themed parties. 

Okay, so the dip into darkness will actually happen in the morning (between 8.45am and 10.41am) and in London you’ll only be able to witness a partial eclipse (the Scottish Highlands and the Faroe Islands are thought to be two of the best viewing locations, FYI), but don’t let details get in the way of your party schedule.

Ready to channel your inner Druid? Let mobile fun unit Dig It Sound System align your feet to the dancefloor at Platform Bar, Netil House, with anything from disco to reggae, or lose yourself in lunar bliss while you reach for the stars at Nibiru (Bar A Bar, Dalston), a deep house night whose name relates to Babylonian astronomy.

Too hedonistic? Head to the alcohol-free Equinox Party at Shoreditch fashion boutique and holistic treatment centre Celestine Eleven for a night of tribal party vibes, raw juice, body paint and coconuts. And if you’re still shooting for the moon the next day, the Spring Equinox Forest Party at Dalston club Passing Clouds promises nymphs, sprites, gypsy punk bands and enough glitter to choke a unicorn. If there was ever a chance of seeing Professor Brian Cox at a rave, this is surely it.

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