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£2 laughs: stream Tiernan Douieb’s new stand-up special for the price of a coffee

Posted at 12:30 pm, March 22, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

Who buys stand-up comedy DVDs any more? Aunts and uncles desperately trying to cross names off their Christmas lists and, well, that’s about it. Louis CK started a new trend a few years back, filming his own stand-up show and then releasing it online for a cheapo price. It’s caught on, too – now that model is trickling across the Atlantic.

Tiernan Douieb is the latest alt-comic to become a bargain streamer (that’s not a euphemism). The London circuit regular recorded his latest show, ‘This Isn’t For You’, in the dingy basement at the Star of Kings pub last November, and now you can buy the stylishly filmed show for the price of a half pint.

It’s a great buy, too. Douieb’s long been known as a friendly, charming comic, but over recent years he’s found his voice as a fiercely political stand-up. There’s Tory-bashing, lefty views, conflicting thoughts and a whole spiel about why music festivals are awful in ‘This Isn’t For You’. Basically, it’s a show about shouty opinions from a shouty opinionist who has shouty opinions. And it’s also a slick, self-assured, fiercely funny hour of stand-up. Take a punt!

You can buy Tiernan Douieb’s ‘This Isn’t For You’ for £1.99, or rent it for £1.49, from tiernandouiebthisisntforyou.vhx.tv.

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