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Drunk before lunch? It must be bottomless brunch

Posted at 10:15 am, March 28, 2015 in Food & Drink

Once upon a time, upstanding members of society frowned upon no-holds-barred mid-morning boozing. Recently, however, daytime drunkenness has been reclaimed by brunch peddlers. Some have realised that they can up the price of a leisurely plate of bacon and eggs by promising ‘unlimited booze’ on the side. It’s not just the Full English that’s upping its liquid assets either. You can get pissed Peruvian style at Lima Floral (free-flowing prosecco at brunch for £33) or have limitless food (from the £39 special menu) as well as wine and fizz at Flesh & Buns. But are bottomless brunches really such great value, especially when some restaurants have a strict time limit on tables? How much tomato juice can the average stomach accommodate? And if the food isn’t also limitless, will you rapidly go from bottomless to legless? After all, you don’t want to be seeing that plate of bacon and eggs again.

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 By Nicola Arencibia

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