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That’s rubbish! Your recycling questions answered

Posted at 3:25 pm, March 29, 2015 in News
Reduce, recycle, reuse. Photo: Kevin Dooley

[Photo: Kevin Dooley]

We asked Recycling Genius David Rumble for a few rubbish tips – he happily obliged. Here’s what goes in the bin.

Do I need to wash my jars and tubs?
If you’ve got time, yes please, It makes life easier. If you don’t, still put it in. Just scrape off your chicken tikka first.

Should I tear the plastic windows off envelopes?
Yes, if you want to be a teacher’s pet. But if you haven’t got time, it’s not the end of the world.

Can I put a tissue in recycling?
Yes, but not if you’ve blown your nose (or anything else) into it. In which case, why are you throwing it away?

If I recycle one thing, what should it be?
Paper and cardboard, which can be used again and again. And again.

Should I unscrew the lids of plastic bottles?
No, it doesn’t really matter. All the recycling companies that accept plastic bottles have got systems for separating the different plastics.

Does it matter if glass is broken?
Nope, as soon as your recycling sack is chucked into the dustcart it’s probably going to get smashed anyway.

What’s the most common offender in the green bin?
Cellophane. Yes, it’s plastic; no, it can’t be recycled. So the plastic tray that your bacon comes in is recyclable, but the cellophane you pull of the top is not.

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