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Uh-oh, TfL has reversed the ‘stand on the right, walk on the left’ rule

Posted at 10:00 am, April 1, 2015 in Fun London, News, Transport
tfl stand on left sign

In a move that’s destined to cause more people pile-ups, tuts and general commuter rage than a month of tube strikes, TfL has taken the controversial decision to overhaul the rules about where you should and shouldn’t stand on its escalators.That’s right, from today, those following the conventional ‘stand on the right, walk on the left’ wisdom can expect to be buffeted by bags and subjected to unprecedented levels of passive-aggressive grumbling. Standing now happens on the LEFT while athletic types must walk on the RIGHT. We know, right?

Twitter user @PolarFoil is one of many tube travellers expressing outrage at TfL’s apparent one-eighty, tweeting the above photo from Canary Wharf station this morning. ‘There’s going to be a lot of very confused people on the Underground today’, he said. ‘#TeamStandOnTheRight’.

Reports that bus drivers have outlawed Oyster cards and will now only be accepting large-denomination notes are yet to be confirmed.

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