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It’s nearly International Pillow Fight Day! Time to perfect your moves

Posted at 12:15 pm, April 3, 2015 in Fun London

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Pick up your pillows and head to the streets for International Pillow Fight Day on Saturday (April 4). From 3pm, Trafalgar Square is becoming home to the grandest and most spectacular battle of the soft furnishings.

The annual event takes place in cities across the world – from Brisbane to Buenos Aires – and there are only a couple of rules: don’t hit anyone with a camera, don’t hit anyone without a pillow and take your pillow home with you.  Still perfecting your pillow fight technique? Try one of these super sassy moves. 

1.  The mace

Swing the cushion around your head to a) build up momentum ready for a mega swipe and b) look threatening.

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square

© Peter Yeung

2. The downwards plough

Aim for the top of the head, like you’re swooshing the reigns of a horse.


© Philip Rocker

3. The shield

Self- explanatory. Only works with a sturdy well-stuffed cushion.

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square

© Peter Yeung

4. The joust 

A combined run-up and sideways jab that’s sure to knock a competitor to the ground.


© David Benedetti

5. The low-blow

Pull your angriest face and aim for the buttocks.


© Saad Dandiya

Fancy some more chilled pillow fun? Try Pillow Cinema.

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