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Whitechapel high street is slowly killing us all

Posted at 4:15 pm, April 3, 2015 in News

Once infamously home to a stabby prick named Jack, Whitechapel is again back in the news as a place hazardous to Londoners’ health. 

According to research by the Royal Society for Public Health, Whitechapel high street is the ‘unhealthiest’ high street in the city, thanks to its overabundance of betting shops, payday lenders, junk food, tanning salons and other businesses slowly doing us in. New Addington near Croydon was named the second worst in the city, ahead of Camberwell, Chrisp Street (near Limehouse) and Seven Sisters.

At the other end of the scale, the city’s ‘healthiest’ high street is in Whetstone, with St John’s Wood, Stanmore, Pinner and Temple Fortune not far behind. Although presumably nobody in these places appreciates the full benefit of being around all that fresh fish and organic coffee because they only ever see the high street as they thunder through in their 4×4. Their servantfolk must presumably be immortal, though.

Here’s the full list of the London’s shittiest and least shitty high streets:


1. Whitechapel

2. New Addington

3. Camberwell

4. Chrisp Street

5. West Green Road/Seven Sisters

6. Plumstead

7. New Cross

8. Finsbury Park

9. Bakers Arms

10. East Beckton


1. Whetstone

2. St Johns Wood

3. Stanmore

4. Pinner

5. Temple Fortune

6. Kingsbury

7. Muswell Hill

8. East Finchley

9. Hornchurch

10. Stockwell

There are plenty of reasons to visit Whitechapel though! Find them here.

By David Clack

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