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London could be getting the world’s first cat cinema

Posted at 2:30 pm, April 7, 2015 in Animals
Great Kitten cinema and cafe


Animal cafés are over. It takes more than a cappuccino and a slice of cake to keep critters entertained these days. They need intellectual stimulation too, don’t ya know. Luckily, someone has had the smarts to try to open a new cat cinema in London. Okay, so the folks over at Great Kitten aren’t actually planning a cinema for cats, but there will be feline film fans hanging out there.

Let’s allow Great Kitten to explain a bit more: ‘Our vision is a rustic style – crackling fireplace, exposed stone walls, wooden beams on the ceilings and comfy sink-in sofas. We want our guests to come in, sit comfortably, and relax with a drink, a cat, and a movie – all in a homey, cosy, log cabin environment.’ Wait, so it’s kind of like a cat café that will be showing films?! Still sounds pretty sweet to us.

This is currently all just a pipe dream as they need to raise £120,000 to open their real life cat cinema, café and shelter. They’re also hoping to home rescue cats and they’re emphatic about making sure all their resident moggies will be exceptionally well cared for.

The crowdfunding campaign has begun in earnest so start donating now. Now we just need a goat gallery, bear bingo, meerkat museum and a llama laser quest and we’ll be laughing (crying).

Find out more at greatkitten.london and donate aigg.me/at/great-kitten.

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