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Hold the line: you can now make phone calls on the tube

Posted at 8:00 am, April 8, 2015 in Transport

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Get ready for your commute to get a whole lot better, or worse, depending on your stance on the whole ‘phones on the tube’ debate. EE is launching a brand new service this week, which lets customers make phone calls through wifi while on the Underground.

While apps like Viber and TuGo allow you to make calls through the internet, EE’s new service automatically switches to wifi when you have no signal, so you can make calls as normal without having to download yet another app.

The whole shebang launches on April 10, but before you get too excited, it will initially only be available for those with a Lumia 640 or a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Don’t panic, iPhoners, it will be rolled out for you Apple kids over the next few weeks.

Obviously you need to be in a station to get wifi signal, so don’t expect to have a lengthy chat if you’re in transit, but it’s another way to pass the time waiting for the elusive District line train to turn up.

Will being able to make calls on the Underground make us crazy? Alexi Duggins gave it some thought.

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