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Developers bulldoze a pub without telling the landlady

Posted at 6:10 pm, April 9, 2015 in Food & Drink, Property

Carlton Tavern [Image: Thomas Crockett]

We all know that pubs are closing down at a depressing rate, but the landlord is usually aware if it’s time to pull the plug. But in today’s sad pub news, these charming developers decided to knock down a Kilburn pub despite being denied planning permission. And they didn’t even have the good manners to tell the landlady, who thought the pub was closed for inventory.

Development company CLTX recently bought the Carlton Tavern on Carlton Vale, and had planned to turn it into a new pub and four floors of flats. Westminster Council vetoed the plans as the new building would block views and, predictably, fail to provide any affordable housing.

Apparently, CLTX wasn’t satisfied with this response and decided to rock up to the pub with two bulldozers and go to town anyway. The pub was still fully furnished when the wrecking balls went to work, and most tragically of all, there was still a lone pint left on a table.

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