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This woman gave away £1 a day for a year

Posted at 10:00 am, April 9, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
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A grand don’t come for free, but apparently £1 does. Nathania Hartley has been handing out £1 coins to one random stranger every day for the last year, as part of a project called ‘The Gift’.

She gave out her final coin last week and you can now delve into her online diary, which documents all 365 exchanges in minute detail, including what the person was wearing and what they said. Each diary entry is mapped out on an interactive map and you can search by date, location, or get really niche and search by details like ‘dog’ or ‘blue coat’.

Seeing as we all love to moan about extortionate pint prices and travel fares you’d have thought people would be snapping up the extra pennies, but apparently we’re a seriously cynical lot. Loads of people dubiously rejected Nathania’s offer of a no-strings £1, so she ended up putting a lot of them on the floor.

Lessons learned: there might not always be a catch with free money and look out for shiny objects on the ground.

Find out more about The Gift.

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