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Date night: the first and last

Posted at 3:30 pm, April 13, 2015 in Dating
Abigails party date

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Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out – and it’s on us! We set up Gonzo and Ross on a blind date, but did the sparks fly?

The venue: Dinner and drinks at ’70s pop-up ‘Abigail’s Party’

The couple: Gonzo (29) is a flight attendant who lives in Soho. Ross (25) is a motivational speaker who lives in Fulham.

First impressions

Gonzo said: ‘We actually matched on Happn, and I messaged him a couple of times but he never wrote back. So when I saw him I was like: “Oh my God!” He was really nice, but it was a bit awkward, and I knew it wasn’t going to work.’

Ross said: ‘When I heard that my date was someone called Gonzalo I was like: “Uh-oh!” I’d matched with a Gonzalo on Happn but it had just fizzled out. I thought: Oh, please don’t be that guy, but he walked around the corner and I was like: “Oh, bollocks!”.’


Gonzo said: ‘We wanted to talk to each other, but the people next to us kept asking us questions. We kind of needed the privacy to be oneon- one, but maybe he was trying to run away from me! It was still a nice evening, but we didn’t get to speak a lot.’

Ross said: ‘We actually got on really well. He’s a cool dude, he’s lovely – but I think there’s a mutual lack of interest there. There was no awkwardness: we chatted lots. To be honest, we just managed to involve everyone around us in our evening.’


Gonzo said: ‘When we left, that was it – he said: “Okay, bye mate!” I left it up to him, but he didn’t ask for my number. He’s a great guy, but I kind of knew already that it wasn’t going anywhere.’ 3/5 stars

Ross said: ‘I’m probably not going to meet up with him again. Let’s put it this way, I exchanged numbers with the couple next to me, and not with Gonzalo. There was no kiss – when we left it was just a “Bye!”. 3/5 stars

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