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If there’s one film you see this weekend, make it… ‘Dark Horse: The Incredible Story of Dream Alliance’

Posted at 12:30 pm, April 18, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
Dark Horse

A documentary about a racehorse? Sure, it sounds like a movie to fall at the first fence. But ‘Dark Horse: The Incredible Story of Dream Alliance’ is one of those everyday stories that will have you stamping the floor like you’ve just put £20 to win on an outsider at the Grand National and suddenly it looks like it might win.

This simple, heartwarming film tells of a group of locals in a South Wales village who all club together to breed a horse and then each spend a few pounds a week on raising it. No one’s more surprised than them when the nag starts winning and…well, that’s enough of the story without spoiling it. Suffice to say, there are ups, there are downs, there’s a cameo from horsey heroine Clare Balding. So, leave your prejudices in the knacker’s yard and give this underdog doc a chance.

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