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The register-to-vote deadline is this Monday – here’s how to register

Posted at 3:30 pm, April 18, 2015 in News
Register to vote in the United Kingdom for the elections.

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There are still over two weeks until Election Day (it’s on Thursday, May 7) but the deadline to register to vote for the political party you despise least is MONDAY, APRIL 20.  If you’ve moved house recently, you should register so that your name is on the list at your local polling station.

To register to vote you simply need to take your passport, a recent utility bill, and a minature schn… wait, you don’t need to do any of that! It takes two minutes, tops: you can register to vote online, just click here. The only barely advanced fact you need to recall: your National Insurance number.

Full British Citizens and qualifying Commonwealth Citizens can vote in the upcoming election, so if you’re (for instance) Indian, Australian, Ugandan or Singaporean with leave to remain, you’re good to go. EU citizens can’t vote in the general election – you can vote in local and European elections, but none of these are happening in London on May 7. (Though why not register to vote anyway?)

Aside from the amorphous civic duty thing, you should know that plenty of London constituencies are hotly contested. If you live in Hampstead & Kilburn, for example, you have three times the influence of the average voter, as the previous margin of Labour victory was just 42 votes. That makes your vote so significant, you are justified in LITERALLY CACKLING as you cast your ballot.

So, vote, vote, vote. Or, register to vote at least. You might be overcome with a last-minute wave of enthusiasm (or, at least, a trough of ennui) and it would be a shame if you were unable to act upon it.

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