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The mystery of the toast Taj Mahal found on the street in Peckham

Posted at 5:30 pm, April 20, 2015 in Fun London, News
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Something has happened. Something so puzzling that a dark shadow of mystery has fallen over London today. Along with, we imagine, a strong smell of burning bread and craft glue.

A model of the Taj Mahal, made out of toast, has been left on a street corner in Peckham. It arrived there – with no explanation – over the weekend. Now the world has been irreversibly changed.

What we do know is that the sculpture appears to have been made out of more than 30 slices off white bread (crusts removed) and that the architecture of the building has been given extra stability with the use of a dark spread, potentially Nutella. Potentially blackcurrant jam. Potentially a premium peanut butter.

But it’s the unknown that makes things even more enticing. We don’t know who made this wondrous art. We don’t know what spread they used, or what brand of bread. Did they build it in-situ or carry it into position? How did they craft such perfectly round edges for the main dome? How did they make the toast stay in such perfect cylinders? Why is so much of it so horrendously undercooked? DOES IT HAVE A HIDDEN MESSAGE?

We have been offered a gift of high-carb, unbuttered beauty. A magnificent work of edible art. It needs no meaning. It needs no explanation. Now, we just wait in anticipation for a sourdough copycat in Shoreditch.

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