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Canada Water station is being rebranded for the London Marathon

Posted at 8:00 am, April 24, 2015 in Transport


If you’re travelling on the London Overground or Jubilee line this weekend, don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly gagging for a delicious, refreshing glass of water. In an unprecedented move, TfL has agreed to rebrand Canada Water station as ‘Buxton Water’, in exchange for a gigantic wad of cash from Nestlé, Buxton’s corporate overlords.  

It’ll only be for Sunday (Buxton is a big London Marathon sponsor), and only internal signage at the station will be altered but still – how absolutely fucking lame is that? TfL are keen to stress that the money from the deal will be reinvested in the network, but we can’t help but feel that soon the only remaining surface not trying to flog us something on our daily commute will be our own armpits.

Although this is a first for London, they’ve been selling out subway stations in Madrid since 2012, at which point we came up with this depressing list of potential corporate cash-ins. Expect to see the following stinking up your tube map in the not-too-distant future:

Holland & Barrett Park


Angel Delight

Topman Court Road

Burger Kings Cross

Tooting Becks


Dalston Timberland

Elephant & Castlemaine XXXX


Babybelsize Park

Swiss Chicken Cottage


Heinzbury & Islington


Alliance & Leicester Square

Gucci Street


7-Up Sisters

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