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Protest against gentrification by bringing the best of Brixton to the streets

Posted at 12:00 pm, April 24, 2015 in Property
Brixton Village © Tricia De Courcy Ling

All it takes is a new branch of Waitrose and a couple of artisan bakeries and boom – you’re well on your way to being priced out of your tiny one-bed flat. These guys feel your pain – over 4,000 people are planning to take a stand against gentrification in Brixton on April 25 with a demonstration in front of the Black Cultural Archives building in Windrush Square.

The idea is to bring a bit of Brixton’s culture to the streets, with people bringing props, instruments and pictures that reflect the area. The event is being organised by Reclaim Brixton, and the London Black Revs are also organising a march on the same day through Brixton Village market.

Writing on the Facebook event page, Reclaim Brixton describe the protest as a demo and a party to celebrate what makes Brixton Brixton. They go on to say that Brixton’s social and cultural diversity has ‘a question mark on it’.

Find out more about the event and read about how Brixton’s arches are under threat.

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