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The developers who knocked down a pub without permission are being forced to rebuild it

Posted at 6:14 pm, April 29, 2015 in News
Carlton Tavern

[Photo: Thomas Crockett]

Remember when developers decided to knock down the Carlton Tavern pub without telling the landlady? In a massive victory for pubs (and drinkers) everywhere, the council is now issuing an enforcement notice to make them completely rebuild it brick by brick. It seems that this is the first time a local council has made an order like this, so it’s a pretty big win.

The order, which is set to be approved next Tuesday, will also stop the developers from selling the site – so they can’t just flog it to yet another developer without rebuilding it. And to stop anyone else taking a bulldozer to the pub once it’s been restored to its former glory, the council are planning to list the building as non-designated heritage asset. We’ll drink to that.

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