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One-day festival Land of Kings returns to shake up Dalston

Posted at 3:15 pm, April 30, 2015 in Music & Nightlife
Land of Kings Festival © Dan Medhurst

Hark, friend, and let me tell thee of a mysterious land that lies to the east: a country where men and women do perform mighty feats (of debauchery), where drums echo from dark caverns beneath the earth, where the streets are paved in pizza. They say ’tis named Dalston, and this Sunday May 3 ’tis the setting for an epic one-day festival that’ll be more fun (and far less fatal) than a wedding in Westeros. 

Compared to ‘Game of Thrones’, Land of Kings is decidedly lacking in bloodshed and intrigue. But it more than makes up for that with a banging line-up of party-starting DJs and bands, all making sounds that are as cutting-edge as Ned Stark’s massive sword.

This being Dalston, there’ll be plenty of heads-down grooving to a range of hip electronic producers, among them Young Turks’ glitchy beat wizard Koreless, culture-mashing producer Mo Kolours and eclectic east London grafter My Panda Shall Fly. Other cool live sets include Tom Vek playing a solo electronic show, NZCA Lines providing mashed-up synth ballads and riotous pop choir Deep Throat.

Land of Kings stage times

A set by funky duo The 2 Bears and the Moshi Moshi and Island Records ‘Island Life’ alfresco party at Dalston Roof Park will both be packed out. On the DJ side, we’re tipping German techno heroine Lena Willikens and dreamy remixers Psychemagik to kick off.

However – again, this being Dalston – there’s so much quirky fun on the peripheries of Land of Kings that you can have a blast without going anywhere near the music. Instead, get artistically gloomy with Art Macabre Death Drawing, express yourself at Hot Breath Karaoke TV Party, watch films with Bootyard Cinema, hang out with the Dalston Darlings Women’s Institute, or stuff your face at the regal-sounding Street Feast of Kings. It’s all enough to make even Stannis Baratheon loosen up and get vibey. Gather your minions, rivals and invincible slave armies – it’s party time.

By James Manning

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