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The 14 greatest snacks in Peckham according to Ali Baba Juice

Posted at 10:00 am, April 30, 2015 in Food & Drink
Ali Baba Juice, Peckham

Ali Baba (aka Sienna and Chris) are SE15’s resident juice geniuses. From their little stall down the side of the Bussey Building, they whip up lively liquid concoctions that, on paper, might alarm the average Innocent smoothie lover (beetroot, wasabi and apple, anyone?) but are all incredible flavour sensations. They’ve got an espresso bar in the works, too. More importantly, they’re deeply enthusiastic about the huge variety flavours to be enjoyed in their ‘hood – here are their top picks the next time you’re peckish in Peckham.

(Should their choices arouse an unslakeable thirst and desperate need for healthy, vitamin-laden beverages, we’re sure that’s just coincidence.)

Jamaican Oranges | 4 for £1 | Ali Baba Fruit + Veg

Mahmoud at Ali Baba Fruit

‘Cut into quarters and then suck ’em. Jamaican oranges can be found on Rye Lane almost year-round, but particularly March-April, when you see the wedges in peoples’ teeth. These hard, ugly looking things are more sour than oranges, but sweeter than a grapefruit or mandarin. Look for the most brightly coloured ones at the market for the fullest flavour. They make you feel WIRED.’

Brownie | £2 | Lerryn’s Café, 200 Rye Lane

Brownie from Lerryn's Cafe, Peckham

‘We are not brownie people, but this is one is NEXT LEVEL. It’s like eating a soft, melty chocolate cloud. Very good for getting back in someone’s good books.’

Steamed pork bun or glutenous rice | £1.50/1.70 | Kim Lien Mini Market, 47 Peckham High Street

Steamed pork bun and glutenous rice

‘Before we had a purpose, we would spend an hour in ALD Life charity shop, go to Kim Lien next door for snacks and then walk down Rye Lane with our faces stuffed. She keeps them in a steamer by the till, and very occasionally does her own banh mi ready to go. She also stocks these amazing jackfruit chips and a roasted coconut water we haven’t seen anywhere else.’

Paratha with egg + chilli | £1 or £1.50 | Asian Takeaway | before 11am

Egg paratha with chilli and egg from Asian Takeaway, Peckham

‘If you find yourself on Rye Lane before 11am with a hankering for a bacon sandwich – get this instead. We put extra spinach and avocado in there, which we recommend doing if you can wait till you get home/work. (Unlikely, we know.) The quality and price of the paratha really depends on who is making it and how good or bad their mood is, but it’s always worth the wait. The trick with the Asian Takeaway is to keep yourself in view at all times if you want your food quickly.’

Beer Stick | 95p | General Store, Bellenden Road

Beer stick, General Store, Peckham

‘Our colleague Leo gets through so many of these beer sticks, he uses the shop’s coffee loyalty card for them instead.’

Police Button Cookies | 75p | Food Base, 78 Rye Lane

Police Button Cookies, Food Base, Peckham

‘There is something SO GOOOOD about these rock-hard, break-your-teeth coconut treats. They’d be pretty perfect with coffee or ice-cream. Food Base also sells loads of awesome flavoured sodas like banana and june plum.’

Busta | £1 | Food Base


‘This stuff has about three ingredients: coconut, very dark brown sugar and ginger. It’s worth losing your back teeth for.’

Nigerian roasted peanuts | £2.50 | Food Base

Nigerian Roasted Peanuts

‘PERFECT nuts – not overly salty or roasted. So much flavour. You can buy the huge tubs of peanut paste too (which is the only peanut butter you should be buying in Peckham) and it’s £1.’

Mixed Fruit + Nuts | £2.89 | Persepolis, 30 Peckham High Street

Nuts from Persepolis, Peckham

‘This is the ONLY nut mix you need. Not even Khan’s can compete (sorry Akbar). It has mulberries and pistachios and persian dried figs… we still need to make it down to Snackistan, which is JAM-PACKED every time we pass by and highly regarded by our Iranian pals.’

Flapjack | £2 | Mouse Tail Coffee, Peckham High Street (by the library)

Flapjack from Mousetail Coffee, Peckham

‘DAYUMM, this is what a flapjack should be – hard on the outside and chewy in the middle. This one has some kind of banana flavour too, with some living-on-the-edge nut surprises. Please don’t stop making these Mouse Tail!’

Baobab | £2.50 | Zionly Arts, Rye Lane Indoor Market

Whola Baobab, Zionly Arts, Peckham

‘We put this baobab in our lemonade that we supply to cafes and restaurants around London. From what we understand, baobab is a big pomegranate type fruit that dries in the African heat and turns into this highly addictive sherbet that is also incredibly good for you. Kinda like a natural Dib’n’Dab. You can also find loads of cool stuff like Raw Moon (Jamaican Aphrodisiac) and tiger nuts and health bars made locally. Jason, who runs Zionly Arts, has also just opened a Rastamouse shop next door with the author Michael de Souza…’

Rastamouse Shop

‘…they are both the coolest guys around.’

Meat stick or moin moin | £1/£2 | Cafe Spice, 88 Rye Lane

Meat Stick

‘The meat sticks are super lean, super spicy and dry – like a jerky or something.’

Moin Moin

‘The moin moin is a very filling black-eyed bean paste, mashed together with dried crayfish and scotch bonnets inside an ewe leaf. Super spicy. You can now follow Café Spice on Instagram, too!’

Churps ice cream | £2 | JB Soulfood or other shops in SE London (while stocks last)

Churps ICe Cream

‘If you are reading this Mr Churps, you should know you need to make MORE. We only had this ice cream on one occasion when we cleaned out the stocks of Spinners (formerly Gabby’s) on Rye Lane in a 20-minute sitting. Flavours include grapenut, stout, rum and raisin, sugar cane, soursop, june plum, sorrel, and carrot, and he makes an ice cream cake that we have yet to try. We deliberated over telling people about our ice cream secret, but hope this encourages stock levels.’

Visit alibabajuice.com,  follow Ali Baba on Twitter, or check out our guide to Peckham’s best restaurants.

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