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Boring Conference is back, with new topics you’ve never wanted to know about

Posted at 5:15 pm, May 6, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

 Boring conference 2015 James Ward

Russel Davies’ Interesting Conference has a lot to answer for. After its brief hiatus in 2010 the reactionary ‘Boring Conference’ sprung to life in response to its absence, convening to discuss more-than-meets-the-eye subjects. Yet again this annual one-day celebration of the mundane trundles back to life at Conway Hall. The poorly kept secret? It’s fascinating.

Amidst fears that the Boring Conference may well have become ‘too interesting’ and some mild confusion as to whether it’s focused around eighteenth century wars or teeth, creator James Ward is focusing hard on making its interests more specialist than ever. Topics you’ve probably never previously shown any interest in finding out about – and still don’t – might include: ‘Stratford shopping centre’, ‘camping on motorway roundabouts’, ‘diaries of ordinary people’, ‘quiet evenings in the Moriglen Care Home’ and ‘postcard depictions of Post Office Tower’.

Ward is keen to alert this year’s attendees about the comprehensive and guideline-meeting seating plan, and improved plastic cup situation.

Find out more at boringconference.com.

By Claire Tayler

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