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Political pups: #DogsAtPollingStations trends in London

Posted at 4:15 pm, May 7, 2015 in Animals



The internet has gone barking mad today for #DogsAtPollingStations on Twitter. The hashtag is trending in London, as voters share their pooch pics live from polling stations.

The British public have been paying close attention to guides that outline what they can and can’t do at the polls: wearing party t-shirts is out, bringing your own pen is A-OK, and there’s no clear rule when it comes to selfie-snapping. Also on the ‘allowed’ list is bringing your dog, and voters have been doing it in force (at least, they’ve been tweeting about it like there’s no tomorrow). David Cameron will be rueing the day he visited Battersea Dog’s home only to have dogs bound away from him (instinctual creatures).




Worry not, though. Whilst those on four legs might not be able to vote, Piers Morgan resoundingly announces that he’ll be casting a vote on behalf of our four-legged friends for the Animal Welfare Party.

We eagerly await an update about cats, rabbits and pot-bellied pigs.

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