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Secret Cinema are launching a new Secret Nightclub (kind of)

Posted at 6:00 pm, May 7, 2015 in Music & Nightlife, Secret London

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It was inevitable, really. Experiential filmic screening project Secret Cinema is branching out into wider nightlife territory with the imaginatively named… Secret Nightclub. 

As with pretty much everything that Secret Cinema does, this new endeavour is shrouded in mystery and vagueness, but here’s the (very) little info we have so far.

– It launches on May 14.

– It’s very much connected to the upcoming Secret Cinema Presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back series, to the extent that – initially, at least – the club will only available to ticket-holders.

– Those trying to track down the mysterious club need to call a secret telephone line (don’t ask us how), whereupon they’ll be given instructions about dress code and, erm, props, plus a code that should guide them to the venue.

– Otherworldy beings will guard the doors. Obviously.

– It will be filled with ‘wonderful characters and secrets’, plus live music performances and sets from secret DJs.

And that’s about it. So does this mean it’ll be a loosely Star Wars-themed club to warm people up for the main film event the following month? Possibly. Will it continue throughout the Star Wars screenings? Maybe. Will there be other Secret Nightclub projects afterwards not connected to Star Wars? Erm… hopefully?

However, we can exclusively reveal that the first set of guest DJs to play the launch event on May will be: Daft Punk, who’ll be playing a back-to-back set with David Bowie.

Before the internet explodes, that’s a JOKE, by the way. We’ll let you know more info as soon as we have it. Maybe don’t hold your breath, though.

Find out not very much more at secretnightclub.org.

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