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Good news! Spiegelhalters isn’t getting knocked down anymore

Posted at 1:30 pm, May 8, 2015 in News

On a day when we could all use some cheery news to distract us from the impending government doom, it’s nice to know that people of London do have some power – and they’re using it for good. Earlier this year David Collard started a petition on Change.org to stop developers taking a wrecking ball to the the former jewellers’ shop Spiegelhalters on Mile End Road and the developers have now backed down. Hooray!

Spiegelhalters is one of those weird old shops with a seriously good backstory. Back in the 1920s, the Wickham family wanted to build a Selfridges-style department store and swallow up Spiegelhalters in the process. But Spiegelhalters refused to sell up so the Wickhams department store was forced to build around the tiny jewellers’ – which slightly ruined their plans. Although Spiegelhalters is now empty, the petition was launched to save the shop front’s facade as developers Resolution Property planned to knock it down and replace it with – wait for it – an empty space. Seriously. This was their original plan:


But Resolution Property has since revised their plans to look like this:


Okay, so it’s a small victory for the people of London, but we’ll take it.

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