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Video: Futuristic commuting gadgets go head-to-head

Posted at 1:15 pm, May 11, 2015 in Fun London, Transport

As the weather gets warmer, the prospect of a sweaty, humid tube journey becomes less and less appealing. But what are the fair-weather alternatives? Well, there’s cycling, but that requires a degree of fitness, and in the summer months, a half-hour cycle is no less sweaty than a trip on the Central line.

No, what we need is technology. Glorious, expensive, labour-saving technology. Futuristic gizmos that can whizz us across town in the blink of an eye. We raced four alternative modes of transport from London Bridge to Trafalgar Square. Let’s see how they did!

First place: 15 minutes! The remote-controlled skateboard 


Kevin rode the Bustin Street Evolve Skateboard. £900.

Second place: 20 minutes! The battery-powered mountain bike

battery powered mountain bike

Katie rode the Rotwild Q1+ FS27.5 Pro. £5,199 from justebikes.co.uk.

Third place: 45 minutes. The gyro-tech unicycle

Electric Unicycle

Alexi rode the Airwheel X5, for a bit, and then just carried it and walked. £799 from maplin.co.uk.

Fourth place: 55 minutes. The Number 17 bus

Oyster Card

Daisy rode the Number 17. And the Number 23. £2.60 with contactless payment.

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