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Drunk Furniture will make you feel better about your messy Friday night

Posted at 3:15 pm, May 19, 2015 in Fun London
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Photo: Edie Mullen

We’ve all been there: stumbling home drunk after a work do, tripping up over the curb, then realising we’ve lost our key. Now, we’ve got proof that even our sofas have been there. 

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Photo: Doug Aikman

Mega Tumblr ‘Drunk Furniture‘ has been documenting the tipsy sofas of London and the world for over a year now. Named one of the site’s best blogs of 2014, fans lolled at photos of sofas and fridges at their lowest moments. It was created by two London-based journalists, Rhodri Marsen and Sarah Bee, who asked followers to send in snaps of the furniture they’d spotted on our streets.

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Photo: Ronan Larvor

Now the #socialsensation has been made into the kind of coffee table book that won’t impress your girlfriend’s parents. ‘Drunk Furniture: The Secret Life of Unsober Sofas’ features 90 of the best snaps from the blog. It’s out now.

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Photo: Emma Beddington

See more at drunkfurniture.com.

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