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New book captures the day that Hackney came to a halt

Posted at 10:00 am, May 19, 2015 in Photos of London, Transport
Drivers in the 1980s - hoxton mini press and chris dorley-brown

In the 1980s Hackney came to a standstill for one whole day and photographer Chris Dorley-Brown caught it all on film. His new book ‘Drivers in the 1980s’ is a unique snapshot of car history and the drivers within them.There are many moments Margaret Thatcher is remembered for today, beyond her school milk policies.

One of those is the privatisation policy which led to more than 50 companies being sold or privatised. On one hot day in May 1987, Hackney came to a Conservative-driven shut-down when Rolls-Royce was privatised – “one in a series of unedifying gold-rush stampedes” – and east enders lined Mare Street and Hackney Road desperate to get to the sell-off or avoid it.

Chris Dorley-Brown set off armed with a camera to snap the scenes. Fast-forward three decades and his new book ‘Drivers in the 1980s‘ makes for a snapshot of the day showing Thatcher’s Britain, capturing the shoulder-padded history of colours, haircuts, clothes and expressions (mostly frustrated).

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‘Drivers in the 1980s’ is out now, published by Hoxton Mini Press

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