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Six new and unusual festival experiences to look out for this year

Posted at 10:00 am, May 19, 2015 in Music & Nightlife


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Festival season is fast approaching. Here’s some new cool happenings for 2015…

1. Llama cuddling!

After the success in London of the cat café, the owl bar and the annual goat race, it’s not surprising that festivals are getting in on the animal action this year. Bestival’s new Slow Motion arena, dedicated to all things healthy and spiritual, will give punters the chance to cuddle up to a llama. If you’re intent on the ‘designer hippie’ look, you might want to google ‘how to get llama spit out of suede’ before you set off.

2. Cyber loos!

If a good toilet is a deal breaker for you, head to the Extrema Outdoor Festival in Belgium. Their insane range of futuristic loos include gaming urinals where you can use your, er, joystick to steer a racing car. Sounds like a piece of, er, cake.


3. Lakes!

Plenty of people have been ticked off for taking a cheeky dip in the lake at Latitude Festival, but this year visitors will finally be allowed to swim: the festival has joined events such as Secret Garden Party and Wilderness in allowing swimming. True aquamaniacs should head to Standon Calling: as well as a pool they have an underwater disco. Just don’t request Wet Wet Wet.

4. 24-hour haircuts!

Bestival organiser Rob da Bank isn’t the first person you’d expect to care about a shortback- and-sides. Despite that, this year’s Bestival will offer free haircuts all day and all night long. The possibility of a restyle at 7am might seem as hazardous as a Lynx can on a campsite fire, but what the heck: itll grow back soon, right?

5. Christmas!

Wizzard wished it could be Xmas every day. Truck festival in Oxfordshire are going one step further by converting a barn into a fully fledged grotto complete with snow machines, Santas and punk bands playing Christmas songs. Your move, Roy Wood…

6. Magic!

Festivals have already swallowed theatre, gourmet food and ballet. It was only a matter of time before magic joined the mix. TV conjuror Dynamo is hosting a new tent at OnBlackheath festival called The House of Mystery, creating more gasps than a Nigel Farage strippergram. Next year: jousting.

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