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An artist has painted the hairstyles of Hackney

Posted at 8:00 am, May 20, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment

You can tell lots about an area from the hairstyles of the people who hang out there. Chelsea’s full of salon-fresh blow-dries, Camden-dwellers sport neon highlights, and the Time Out office is home to at least one four-day-old bed-head (it belongs to me). Over in Hackney though, there are fabulous waves, braids and shaves of every length, thickness and colour imaginable.


It makes sense then that artist Daniel Frost decided to capture the diversity of the area via the hairstyles its residents sport. From the ‘Beardway Market’ to the ‘Hoxton Fin’, Daniel captures big ol’ manes, sculptural up-dos and, er, hipster beards. Mare Street? More like HAIR STREET, eh?! EH?!


He’s publishing the paintings in a fold-out book titled ‘Haircuts of Hackney’, out now. He says: ‘I didn’t want them to be stand-alone images – they’re meant to be seen together, like a crowd of people. I like how you can capture someone’s personality in a few simple shapes – you can learn a lot about a person from that.’

Buy it now from Hoxton Mini Press for £12.95.

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