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The Garden Bridge will be free (and other misconceptions cleared up)

Posted at 2:15 pm, May 20, 2015 in Fun London
Garden Bridge

We hold our hands up when we’ve made a mistake and in this week’s Time Out Magazine we’ve done just that. We said that there will be a charge to cross the Garden Bridge – there won’t! You’ll be able to cross for zero pounds, just like all the other bridges and parks in London. Woop!

To avoid any further confusion, here are some other leafy facts from the people over at the Garden Bridge Trust:

☞ ‘The Garden Bridge will have 2,500 square metres of brand new garden. Specifically, 270 trees, 2,000 shrubs, hedging plants and climbers, over 22,000 hardy perennials, ferns and grasses and 64,000 bulbs.’

☞ ‘It will be open to the public from 6am and until midnight all year round with the exception of a maximum of 12 days when it will host fundraising and community events.’

☞ ‘Over 65 percent of the capital costs to build the bridge will be fundraised from the private sector.’

☞ ‘Cyclists will be asked to push their bikes across.’

☞ ‘Groups of eight or more are NOT banned. They will be welcome and there will be staff on hand to help look after visitors and safely manage numbers.’

Find out more info at gardenbridge.london and check out the our blog on the latest designs for planting on the bridge

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