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What a quacking idea! London’s canals get a new duck lane

Posted at 10:00 am, May 20, 2015 in News

If you’re planning on heading for a walk along one of London’s canals over the next few days, you might notice a rather unusual lane has been introduced – for ducks! The temporary lane has been installed by the Canal & River Trust to highlight its ‘share the space, drop your pace’ campaign (and also to give ducks somewhere to waddle in peace).

The organisation looks after the 2,000 miles of inland waterways in England and Wales. It’s encouraging people to become more aware of how narrow the pathways by canals are, explaining that cyclists and pedestrians need to become more considerate of each other and the surrounding wildlife. Basically: keep an eye out for cyclists, pedestrians and feathery critters heading in the opposite direction to you.

Read the Greenway Code for towpaths.

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