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New Facebook page lists pointless events in London this summer (probably on a rooftop, somewhere)

Posted at 5:15 pm, May 21, 2015 in Fun London
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Here at Time Out, we’re big fans of street food, pop-ups, rooftop events, summer, extensive DJ line-ups, flute recitals on a mad scale, hashtags, lashtags, mashtags… Oh wait, that’s not us, that’s Facebook group ‘Completely shit and pointless events in London this summer (probably on a rooftop, somewhere)‘.

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The page pokes fun at Londoners’ (okay, mainly Time Out writers’ ) passion for quirky summer stuff – and appears to be a parody of another group set up to list free London events earlier this month. (We promise it doesn’t belong to us.)

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Fans of the parody page have been posting their own listings for events including one held literally in the ground, ‘Lenny Henry performing a solo recital of 50 SHADES OF GREY’ and ‘a silent reenactment of Game Of Thrones Season 3 with a bottle of whiskey and 12 2ps’. Plus, there are questionnaires asking stuff like ‘If a tree falls in the woods and everyone is at a rooftop pop up craft beer and vegan vibes event, does the tree make a noise?’ The answer is clearly: Darude – ‘Sandstorm’.

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Yes, if you’re a Time Out writer, reader or recently trekked over to Barking to go to the ball pool for adults (it was worth it), it’s gonna hit you pretty close to home – but it’s a hilarious piss-take of how we’re all probably going to spend our Bank Holiday weekend.

It’s good to laugh at yourself, right? RIGHT?

Fancy going to some real ‘quirky summer pop-ups?



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