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Seven reasons to go to the superbly silly party Regression Sessions

Posted at 2:15 pm, May 21, 2015 in Music & Nightlife
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Brilliantly infantile party Regression Sessions hits London once again this Friday. If you haven’t yet experienced the full-fat fun of a Regression Sessions party, expect childhood games, bizarre activities and DJs spinning party jams that you can dance to without fear of looking un-cool. You’ll also see a whole load of grown-up Londoners roaming around and acting thoroughly un-grown-up in every way possible, having the time of their lives while doing so. We asked Regression Sessions co-founder Michael Mouch to talk us through some of the typical activities you might find at an RS party. 

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Jungle pass-the-parcel

‘Someone cycles up and down the queue on a tricycle with a ghetto-blaster playing jungle tunes. They stop the music and choose who gets to unwrap the parcel. There are lots of little prizes, like finger traps and slinkys, but the main prize is a can of Special Brew.’

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Ball pit

‘I don’t know what it is about being covered in plastic balls, but a lot of love happens in the ball pit. Footsie, throwing balls at strangers, flirting – it’s a nice ice-breaker if you’re not a dancer. Lots of things get lost there, including inhibitions. And mobile phones.’

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The ultimate bouncy castle

‘It’s not really ultimate, but we need to hype it up! Only three people are allowed on at a time, but three is enough. You’d be surprised how tiring it is jumping up and down on it, especially after a few drinks. After two minutes you’re pooped.’

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Balloon modellers

‘We have a few balloon modellers. They’re really talented and it’s not just animals they make, it’s everything from hats to backpacks to watches to guitars. It’s more wearable balloon fun, rather than just a poodle. Balloon crowns always seem to go down well.’

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Indecent photo booth

‘When people get a bit drunk they tend to expose themselves in the photobooth. It seems to be what people love to do at our events, for some reason. Most of the photos are fine, but there are always a few nipples. But we love nipples so it’s fine. There are also some bums, though I’ve not seen anything else, just bums and nipples. But I’m sure there’ll be a day when we get the ballsack. It will happen.’

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Celebrity piñatas

‘Initially we gave people a stick, but then realised that blindfolded drunk people waving sticks is maybe the most dangerous thing imaginable. So now we’ve removed the sticks and we just have the effigies. Justin Bieber, Rolf Harris… Kanye West might appear soon. They don’t last long – only last a few minutes before they’re obliterated, although some people adopt them for the night. People get very attached to them.’

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Space hoppers

‘Everyone loves them. We usually put them in the hip hop and garage room, because you can’t really act like a rudeboy when you’re sat on a space hopper. We’ve got someone on hopper-watch to make sure people don’t throw them. They’re actually quite tiring, but they’re also nice little seats as well.’

From May 22, Regression Sessions will be at its new regular home, Fire in Vauxhall, where you can expect the full RS extravaganza in all its ridiculous glory.

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