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Five Apple Watch apps Londoners won’t want to live without

Posted at 10:00 am, May 22, 2015 in Shopping & Style, Technology
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After the iPhone naysayers and the iPad doubters, Apple Watch skeptics should really know better. Never ones to stand in the way of progress, we’re flying the flag for the capital’s early Apple Watch adopters and have scouted out the five apps that, soon enough, no self-respecting Londoner will want to be without. Maybe.



The capital can be a stressful place. Luckily, Calm has produced a Watch app that promises to help Londoners keep calm, carry on and chill the hell out. The app helps Watch-wearers relax, sleep, meditate or focus. Starting with the basic ‘7 Days of Calm’ programme, Calm’s Watch app not only guides you through meditation sessions ranging from two to 30 minutes, but also displays a series of zen-worthy – and startlingly hi-res – nature scenes, set to relaxing music.



We’re still reeling from the mind-blowing finding that the average driver in London wastes 106 days of their life circling the streets in search of a parking space. No longer: the folks at Kentish Town-based startup JustPark have made it possible to bag a cut-price parking space from your phone. Using the Watch app, drivers can then keep tabs on the time their booking ends and see how long it’ll take them to walk back to their space. Once the walking time exceeds the amount of time left on their booking, they’ll be prompted to extend it with a couple of taps of the Watch.



For those of us who sometimes have the sneaking suspicion that our lifestyles may medically be classed as ‘sedentary’, this Watch app is a must. Activity gives wearers a simple visual snapshot of their daily activity, summarised by three rings which the wearer aims to complete over the course of the day. The blue ‘Stand’ ring lets you know how frequently you’ve stood up, encouraging you to be on your feet for at least one minute of every hour. The pink ‘Move’ ring shows you how many calories you’ve burned that day, while the yellow ‘Exercise’ tells you how many minutes of demanding activity you’ve completed.



Legendary note-storage app Evernote was among the first to bring out a Watch-sized counterpart. Far from simply offering the wearer instant access to their notes from their wrist, the Watch app also lets them use the device’s inbuilt microphone to dictate new notes while on the move, look over notes shared by friends and colleagues, and set calendar reminders to keep them on course during the day. Even more cleverly (and ever so slightly creepily), the app analyses calendar entries and location data to automatically bring the wearer’s most relevant notes to the surface. The result is an up-to-date overview of your day and workflow, all neatly viewable on your wrist.



This personal finance app will help you spend your money smartly. The daily expense tracker allows you to type in or dictate expenses from your wrist, making it that much harder to ‘forget’ to log your purchases. It also lets you create – and helps you stick to – multiple budgets, from home expenses to travel and business, as well as letting you do simple calculations while on the go. Reviewing your day-to-day spending, Sumptus will allow you to maintain your lifestyle, but still keep an eye how much you’ve spent. And let’s be honest – if you’ve bought an Apple Watch, this is one app you’re going to need.

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