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This is what the new tube map looks like

Posted at 8:00 am, May 22, 2015 in Transport
New Tube Map

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The new tube map is finally here and it’s… er, got a few mistakes on it. Well, the online version that surfaced today on TfL’s website has anyway. The new online map lets you zoom and scroll around, but a few clicks on the zoom button reveals that it’s a bit all over the place:

tube map

Unless Tower Hill Fenchurch Street Tower Gateway is supposed to be some weird new hybrid station, but we’re guessing not.

It’s also missing the Kensington Olympia branch of the District line and there’s a rogue symbol for the Emirates Air Line but no actual evidence of the line on the map. We’re not sure whether it’s a mistake or that TfL has finally realised that no one actually cares about or uses the Emirates Air Line.

tube map emirates

But apart from the technical glitches, here’s a few other new things of note:

➪ The tube map has got a whole lot more orange-y, since 28 rail stations have become part of Overground network.

➪ The Central line has got a bit more kinky. And by that we mean it’s got a new kink in it to make way for Crossrail, although it’s still four years away from opening.

➪ There’s a new blue line from Shenfield to Liverpool Street, as TfL has taken over from National Rail. It will be run by TfL Rail until it becomes Crossrail in 2018.

See the new changes for yourself here.

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