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Urban Curiosity Walkshops: save yourself from digital meltdown

Posted at 2:15 pm, May 22, 2015 in Outdoor London
Urban curiosity walkshop - James Theophane

Having a social media meltdown? A digital burnout? That’s okay – in fact, that’s so on trend for 2015. More and more we’re all hearing stories about people who’ve lost their spark, spending more time flicking through news feeds than living in the now. How many people did you walk into today because you were looking at your mobile screen? Hands up! We’re all guilty.

One antidote is the new series of Urban Curiosity Walkshops, but they’re not just a walk in the park. Designed to ‘help you unplug, slow down and spark ideas’ to get back your creative streak and focus, the sessions will see you hit the streets with pen and paper and, most importantly, your attention span. At the start of each walk, everyone will hit the power button on their mobiles and go off grid as you stroll through the city.

The two-hour sessions are taking place across the city, each with their own themes, from Art, Arcades and Alleys to Markets and Medicine.

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